Fumble - one last dance

The Pioneer CDJ-400, CDJ-800, CDJ-1000, CDJ-900, and the CDJ-2000 have a vinyl emulation mode that allows the operator to manipulate music on a CD as if it were on a turntable. Models released prior to the CDJ-1000 lack this feature. Pioneer CDJs released after the CDJ-400 can play from USB sticks as well as CDs. Pioneer integrates its software rekordbox with the CDJs to prepare music with cue points, accurate BPM, and search/playlist functions.

Oh, and the Steelers had Antonio Brown . The Packers did not. And 17 seconds, 30ish yards provided entirely by Pittsburgh's do-everything wide receiver and one 53-yard field goal from Chris Boswell later, the Steelers were dancing on the logo at midfield following a 31-28 escape on Sunday night.

Fumble - One Last DanceFumble - One Last DanceFumble - One Last DanceFumble - One Last Dance